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I saw an earlier post that is similar to mine. I have used aLatteHotte in the past for a repair and for a refurbished unit. Both transactions went well in that they completed roughly on time. This transaction however only got as far as them taking my money and not delivering at all. The initial status was that the unit would ship in 1-2 business days. I didn't need it that fast but it was a nice to have. 3 days went by, no shipment. Contacted... Read more

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Phillips told me to send my Saeco Syntia to Alatte Hotte for diagnosis and repair. Rob (the owner) told me that it typically takes one week to fix these machines. Once he received it - he billed me $281 for the repair before ordering parts. This was in early January 2016. Nothing happened until I started phoning him in March. He said Phillips was still sourcing parts. I called Phillips and they said they had parts. After getting parts he... Read more

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They lie, they string you along, they charge your credit card & they don't deliver. I called Alattehotte 6 weeks ago to confirm they had a Saeco Exprelia EVO in stock - was told 2 were in stock & could ship the following monday - we ordered the machine & the credit card was immediately charged - a week went by, no machine - called a week later & Rob said the 2 in stock were shipped to other customers & they were expecting another shipment in a... Read more

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I used to think highly of this company, but a few recent experiences told me that I was simply lucky in the past. They claim to have merchandise that they don't actually have, they flat out lie that items have been shipped when it is easy to confirm that they have not, and generally they will say anything before the sale and completely ignore you or belittle you after they have your money. If you want a company that means what they say and will... Read more

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Ordered Miele 1360 on 3/6. Site said order would take 4-7 days for delivery. Called to find out status of order and I was told machine would be mailed out that Thurs or Fri. Never received it by the following week. Called back, and was given the same runaround 3 weeks in a row. Then they finally said it was backordered and they were getting the machines and they would be overnighting them all to everyone who had been waiting, me being one of... Read more

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I have been waiting for almost 2 months for my coffee maker. Every day they lie and tell me it will ship tomorrow. They seem nice on the phone but their service is the worst. sdf asf asdf sadf sd f sadf sadf sadf sad f sadf sadfsadf asdf sadf asdf asdf sdf asd f sadf asdf sadf sdaf asdf sadf asdf asdf asdf asdf sadf sa df asdf asdf asdf asdf asd f asdf asdf sadf asdf asdf asdf asdf asdf asdfsad sdaf asd fasdf asdf asdf Read more

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After exchanging a few emails with Rob at seeking advice on which Jura to buy, I decided to go for the Giga 5. He assured me they had units in stock and shipping would require about 4-5 days to get the unit to my house. I placed the order online on a Friday. On Saturday, I read some of the reviews on here and got real nervous. Especially since the unit was to be a primary Christmas gift and I needed it here REAL BAD! I... Read more

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Let me start by mentioning that I am a seasoned online buyer. I also don't write reviews. I might have written 1-2 reviews over the past 10 years. But my recent experiences with ALattehotte compel me to warn everyone. I did extensive research and thought I made a good choice of merchants to purchase a new Jura. Whoa, was I wrong! I later learned that some information on their web site is flat-out, knowingly false and misleading. ... Read more

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READ ALL TEN COMPLAINTS AND HAD THE SAME ISSUES. THIS WILL TEACH ME TO DO MY RESEARCH PRIOR TO PURCHASING ON LINE. GREAT LESSON... BOUGHT A GIGI AND IT CAME 8 WEEKS LATER, ORDERED COFFEE AND THEY WAITED A WEEK TO SEND IT. ALL THE STORIES IN ON THIS SITE ARE TRUE... SCREW A LATTEHOTTE Please do not purchase from Rob, this is so refreshing knowing I wasn't the only one. Alattehotte is a very shady company. He can talk his way out of anything, he... Read more

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Order 5 weeks ago, called every week for four weeks Rob had new story each time, started calling daily & he blamed Rick & warehouse, etc. I was strung out as he said company was upgrading issues with machine & he would send a 2015 model instead of refurbished for same price. Never got tracking number as he didn't have it, Rick did, & while both In California, machine was being shipped out of NY one week then Penn next week. ... Read more

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